Actual Helpics mods version – 9.23



9.23 (06-08-2019)

  • General:
  • – Adaptation for patch
  • – Fixed possible crashes for users with “exotic” anti viruses
  • Module EWA2:
  • – Added optional instant next target capture
  • – Improved aim behaviour for specific scenarios
  • – Added alternate improved mechanic for track vulnerable points (optional, beta)
  • – Fixed minor bugs
  • Module TUNDRA:
  • – Shade drawer for tree trunks redone for better performance
  • – Fixed known bug with artefacts when using older GPU configs.
  • – Fixed known bug which can cause crashes when using overlay’s

9.22 (11-06-2019)

Adaptation for patch

Updated localization for: Polish, Spain

Improved multi launch when using/installed WGC

Added option to disable WGC login screen


– Added option for permanent indicator display


– Smart hide option for HE, HC, HASH shells hides only objects which cannot be penetrated

– Improved filtartion and switch ON/OFF logic

– Other minor changes


– Added option to scale original dispersion circle

– Fixed various bugs

– Minor improvements

Module LASERS:

– Fixed bug with blinking laser model

– Fixed several bugs on ULTRA graphics settings


– Fixed bug with incorrect position detection in some scenarios

– Fixed issue with unnecessary double detection

– Improved detection in some cases

9.21 (06-05-2019)


-Added option for disable logging in python.log

-Added option for disable interface scale override

-In setting for optiond added defaults in description

-Minor fixes and improvements in setting component


-Added option for channge sphere color


-Added server crosshair


-Extended info in tooltips in consumables panel



9.20 (30-04-2019)

Adaptation for micro patch

Added option to change interface scale

Changes in module SHADOW:

– improved multithreading models generator

– improved color models with transparency

Changes in module TUNDRA:

– significantly reduced resources consumption for rendering tree trunks on all maps

Changes in module TWEAKS:

– added option to show x-ray circle on minimap

– added option “real view range circle” on minimap

– added option to change default minimap circle color

– fixed issue with “save last server” with installed WGC



9.15 (09-10-2018)

  • Adaptation for micro patch 1.2.0
  • Changes to module TWEAKS:
  • – Added HP bars in players panel
  • – Added repair time indicator in damage panel options
  • – Added option to customize pre battle timer
  • – Added option for customizing map border color saturation
  • – Improved hand brake remover option (fixed rare bug with camera jumps)
  • Changes to module SHARPSHOOTER:
  • – Added safe-shot option
  • Changes to module TUNDRA:
  • – Added separate option for post mortem mod
  • Changes to module HEALTHCARE:
  • – Added heal stun option
  • – Added continuous repair/heal by timer
  • – Added option for repair before exiting to hangar
  • – Fixed minor bugs
  • Changes to module SHADOW:
  • – Fixed bug with global map – all working normally now
  • – Reduce memory consumption
  • – Fixed errors in 30×30 battles



9.14 (28-08-2018)

  • Adaptation for micro patch 1.1.0.
  • Changes in module RELOADING:
  • – Added option for disable experimental arty reloading detector
  • Changes in module OUTSIGHT:
  • – Added alternate color for columns if target beyond shell fly distance
  • Changes in module TWEAKS:
  • – Aiming time indicator remember position for each aiming mode
  • – Minor bug fixes
  • Changes in module SHARPSHOOTER:
  • – All new aiming corrector
  • – Improved option for fix gun marker falling
  • – Added new options
  • Changes in module TUNDRA:
  • – Minor bug fixes