Actual Helpics Mods version – 11.3  | 1.10.1



11.3 (20-10-2020)

– Adaptation to patch 1.10.1
– Fixed a rare bug with checking the license in specific cases
– Fixed and ordered the list of settings

– Improved extended command score panel
– Fixed bugs found

– Auto repair / auto treatment will not occur during a fire

– Fixed a bug that occasionally caused an error when closing the game on Windows 8 / 8.1

– Fixed sticking marker when destroying inverted wheeled vehicles

– Fixed bugs found
– Added option to display a special notification when moving destroyed vehicles

11.2 (17-09-2020)

– Adaptation for patch 1.10.02
– Added plugin BattleRoyaleTweaks

– Ability to create flexible profiles for autoupgrade
– Ability to set time for display loot on minimap
– Ability to show models (which visible in any point) on scene over loot
– Ability to autoactivate radar after vehicle spotted by enemy radar

– For option advanced 6th sense timer changed to 12 sec.
– Added advanced priority target marker

– Added option to play sound notifications

– Improved working in Battle Royale mode

11.1 (11-08-2020)

– Restored plugin BREAKABLE

– Fixed bug that causes incorrect behavior when disabling the plugin

– Fixed bug which freeze shells counter in OTM

11.0 (04-08-2020)


-Adaptation for patch

-All new code around flash OTM markers and UI elements

-Solved various bugs with game crashing when minimized

-Temporary disabled module BREAKABLE

-Added new module SHOTLINE


– Ability to display visual reversed tracer line

-Ability to display vehicle name which shot at you

-Various visual appearance settings


-Added option to set separate hot key for catch target with the aimbot

-Various minor fixes

Module XRAY:

– Fixed XRAY blinking when damaging external modules on the vehicle

– Significantly increased performance

Module LASERS:

– Redone option to show lasers outside of FOV (Filed Of View)

– Fixed issue with FPS drops in some scenarios

– Added ability to display lasers up to 565 meters

– Added new lightweight dynamic models

– Changed casting of the laser model on vehicle

Module TWEAKS:

– Removed auto return equipment option (obsolete with the new equipment system)

– Fixer rare bug with repair timers freezing

-Removed shell speed text in tool tips

10.5 (12-06-2020)

– Adaptation for patch 1.9.1
– Improved CDN support for autoupdater

– Improved weakspots aiming mechanic
– Improved preemption calculation algorithm
– Improved autoshooting
– Changed default settings

– Fixed calculation remaining time aiming for some situations
– Added ability for display progress for Main caliber achievement
– Added ability for display nickname in game events log
– Minor bugfixes

– Fixed possible crashes while scanning game process
– Fixed possible problems with some antiviruses
– Minor bugfixes

– Removed option for change scale aiming circle
– Added options to replace the aiming circle with a dispersion circle
– Fixed possible memory leak in rare cases

– Improved hiding objects which invisible for HE and HC shells

10.4 (22-04-2020)

– Adaptation for patch 1.9.0
– Fixed issues with settings window in some cases
– Added plugin: WRAITH

– Minor bugfixes

– Improved filter for FrontLine mode

– Various bugfixes

– Removed indicator when someone from players spectating you in battle
– Various minor bugfixes

WRAITH – show spectators in battle
– Show when someone from players spectating you
– Indication of suspicion based on analysis of various parameters(*)
– Emulation a bad connection and packet loss as long as spectators detected(*)

(*) – options works only on ОС Windows 10

10.2 (04-03-2020)

  • General

Adaptation for patch

Added alternate simplified licence activation in hangar

  • Module MONGOOSE

Improved preemption for wheeled vehicles

  • Module BREAKABLE

Added support for Front Line and Steel Hunter game mods

  • Module TUNDRA

Removed support for DirectX 9

Blacksky option renamed to “solid color sky” with color selection

  • Module TWEAKS 

Added option to disable shadows

10.1 (02-02-2020)

  • General
    Fixed missed strings in settings for some localizations
    Fixed not working option for repair after battle in some cases
    Added option for show lasers for vehicles out of FOV
    Minor fixes and improvements
    Fixed issue target catching when click on minimap in arty mode
    Fixed issue with use some keys in battle chat
    Added marks of excellence calculator
    Fixed compatibility with 3rd party mods for auto-return crew option
    Minor bugfixes and improvements



10.0 (28-01-2020)

  • General:
  • – Adaptation for patch
  • – Major code core refactoring
  • – Major redone of most modules
  • – Removed modules: EWA 1, EWA2
  • – Added module: MONGOOSE – aimbot
  • Module BREAKABLE:
  • – Added ability to specify distance for removing objects
  • – Improved removing for HE and HASH ammo
  • – Optimization: objects outside the map are now ignored
  • – Fixed bug on some maps
  • – Fixed issue with double removing for AP<->APCR in sniper mod
  • Module RELOADING:
  • – Fixed incorrect reloading timer after dual shot (salvo)
  • Module SPGHUNTER:
  • – Improved marker behavior on hill and elevated terrain
  • Module TUNDRA:
  • – Added variant “inversion” to list of reversed mods
  • – Various fixes and code improvements
  • – Redone interaction with markers
  • – Significant increase in performance
  • – Various code improvements
  • Module TWEAKS:
  • – Added option to use WG auto aim marker
  • – Added option for “auto crew return”
  • – Added option for “auto equipment return”
  • – Added timer for 6th sense bulb
  • – Added ability for keeping the 6th sense icon ON when permanently spotted



9.29 (10-12-2019)


Adaptation for patch

Module TUNDRA:

Added mod selector for reversing changes

Various bug fixes


Removed destruction effect when moving in sniper mod



9.27 (08-10-2019)

  • General:

Adaptation for patch


  • Added option for reload timer display
  • Code optimisation


  •  Added option for dispay of enemy repair kit timers
  •  Minor bug fixes and code improvments


  • Added sound notification for damage log


  • Added two new tundra mods
  •  Added separate settings for each aiming mod
  • Added new options
  • Lots of changes and code improvements

9.25 (10-08-2019)


  • – Adaptation for patch

9.24 (10-08-2019)


  • – Added option for limiting max FPS (without vsync)
  • – Adde temporary bugfixes for vanilla game client (yes, we are fixing WG mistakes)
  • Module EWA2:
  • – Added option for customization of base preemption
  • – Improved logic for new points tracking mechanic
  • – Improved aim behavior in most scenarios
  • – Improved target tracking with preemption

9.23 (06-08-2019)


  • – Adaptation for patch
  • – Fixed possible crashes for users with “exotic” anti viruses
  • Module EWA2:
  • – Added optional instant next target capture
  • – Improved aim behaviour for specific scenarios
  • – Added alternate improved mechanic for track vulnerable points (optional, beta)
  • – Fixed minor bugs
  • Module TUNDRA:
  • – Shade drawer for tree trunks redone for better performance
  • – Fixed known bug with artefacts when using older GPU configs.
  • – Fixed known bug which can cause crashes when using overlay’s

9.22 (11-06-2019)

  • Adaptation for patch
  • Updated localization for: Polish, Spain
  • Improved multi launch when using/installed WGC
  • Added option to disable WGC login screen
  • Module WATCHFUL:
  • – Added option for permanent indicator display
  • Module BREAKABLE:
  • – Smart hide option for HE, HC, HASH shells hides only objects which cannot be penetrated
  • – Improved filtartion and switch ON/OFF logic
  • – Other minor changes
  • – Added option to scale original dispersion circle
  • – Fixed various bugs
  • – Minor improvements
  • Module LASERS:
  • – Fixed bug with blinking laser model
  • – Fixed several bugs on ULTRA graphics settings
  • Module SPGHUNTER:
  • – Fixed bug with incorrect position detection in some scenarios
  • – Fixed issue with unnecessary double detection
  • – Improved detection in some cases

9.21 (06-05-2019)


  • -Added option for disable logging in python.log
  • -Added option for disable interface scale override
  • -In setting for optiond added defaults in description
  • -Minor fixes and improvements in setting component
  • Blindshots
  • -Added option for channge sphere color
  • Sharpshoote
  • -Added server crosshair
  • Tweaks
  • -Extended info in tooltips in consumables panel



9.20 (30-04-2019)

  • Adaptation for micro patch
  • Added option to change interface scale
  • Changes in module SHADOW:
  •  improved multithreading models generator
  •  improved color models with transparency
  • Changes in module TUNDRA:
  •  significantly reduced resources consumption for rendering tree trunks on all maps
  • Changes in module TWEAKS:
  • added option to show x-ray circle on minimap
  •  added option “real view range circle” on minimap
  • added option to change default minimap circle color
  •  fixed issue with “save last server” with installed WGC



9.15 (09-10-2018)

  • Adaptation for micro patch 1.2.0
  • Changes to module TWEAKS:
  • Added HP bars in players panel
  • Added repair time indicator in damage panel options
  •  Added option to customize pre battle timer
  • Added option for customizing map border color saturation
  •  Improved hand brake remover option (fixed rare bug with camera jumps)
  • Changes to module SHARPSHOOTER:
  • Added safe-shot option
  • Changes to module TUNDRA:
  •  Added separate option for post mortem mod
  • Changes to module HEALTHCARE:
  • Added heal stun option
  •  Added continuous repair/heal by timer
  • Added option for repair before exiting to hangar
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Changes to module SHADOW:
  •  Fixed bug with global map – all working normally now
  •  Reduce memory consumption
  • Fixed errors in 30×30 battles



9.14 (28-08-2018)

  • Adaptation for micro patch 1.1.0.
  • Changes in module RELOADING:
  • – Added option for disable experimental arty reloading detector
  • Changes in module OUTSIGHT:
  • – Added alternate color for columns if target beyond shell fly distance
  • Changes in module TWEAKS:
  • – Aiming time indicator remember position for each aiming mode
  • – Minor bug fixes
  • Changes in module SHARPSHOOTER:
  • – All new aiming corrector
  • – Improved option for fix gun marker falling
  • – Added new options
  • Changes in module TUNDRA:
  • – Minor bug fixes