Terms & Rules


About HPMODS Mods

HPMODS Mods, including the forums are private property maintained and owned by Professional Gaming Stuff. This means that even though the sites and the forums are open to the public and visitors can create accounts for free, certain rights and liberties that are otherwise afforded to them do not apply. Approach your access to these sites as you would if you were a visitor to a strangers home, or an art gallery, with all the limitations resulting from the fact that you are allowed to access someone’s private property. As a guest, even as a Premium Member, you will be required to submit to certain rules and etiquettes.

Mission statement
HPMODS sites are dedicated to
the sharing of game modifications (aka mods), modding guides and other gaming/modding related utilities;
screenshots and other graphical representations of game related content,
and discussions about modding and games and about other topics that may be permitted on our forums.

Terms of Service

These terms of service and rules are not default, generic, stock terms of service you’ll see copied across the millions of sites and forums on the internet. They’ve been specifically and manually created by the moderation team at HPMODS Mods. Its important you understand that these terms and rules are enforced, often strictly, every day by HPMODS staff and that we haven’t written these rules just for the sake of it, we’ve written them because they’re the guidelines that we, the staff, look to when performing our duties. As such you should not casually dismiss these terms and rules as simply being the same generic rules you’ve agreed to on countless other sites. Theyre not. You ignore this fact at your own peril.

Understanding our terms of service and rules
These are the terms and conditions that apply to your use of any current and future services offered by HPMODS Mods and any associated websites. These terms are available for perusal without registration, when you register, as well as when you perform certain actions on the site (such as posting files, images or comments) where you are explicitly prompted to acknowledge that you have read and understood these rules each time. If you signal your acknowledgement without actually reading through these terms and conditions you do so at your own risk. Ignorance of our rules is not an excuse and we will take you at your word when you click the ‘I understand’ or ‘I agree’ boxes when registering or performing actions on these sites that you have actually read and understood these rules. As such, any breach of these rules by yourself will have been done with your explicit understanding of our rules and ergo will be entirely your own fault, and not ours. We have very little respect for people who claim they did not know our rules. It’s not an excuse and simply confirms the fact that when you clicked those I agree or I understand boxes that you infact did not agree, or did not understand, and ergo, were lying. Once again, thats your fault and not ours.

We reserve the right to change these Terms of Service at any time. It is the sole responsibility of members to keep up-to-date with the terms of service. Major amendments to the rules will be clearly announced on HPMODS sites and on the forums.

If you are struggling to understand our terms of service or rules and require further clarification a member of staff will be happy to help. You can either contact users in the Moderator or Admin member group or use the Contact Us links available on the sites.

General rules
The official language of HPMODS Mods is English and English should be the primary language used at all times. We reserve the right to remove any content from HPMODS sites that isn’t written in English at our own discretion.
The posting of any copyrighted material, unless the copyright is owned by you or you have consent from the owner of the copyrighted material, is strictly prohibited on any HPMODS site. This includes linking to sites that contain copyrighted material used without permission of the copyright holder. Legal inquiries regarding copyright infringement are taken very seriously on HPMODS sites and we will work with any legal body to identify and bring to justice anyone who might use a HPMODS site to share copyrighted material.

Spam, flooding, advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations are not allowed on any HPMODS sites.

Due to the community-driven nature of HPMODS Mods it is impossible for us to confirm the validity of all the content available on these sites. We do not actively monitor every piece of user-generated content uploaded or added to a HPMODS site and we are not responsible for their content, however we shall endeavour to rectify any malicious or unlawful content as soon as it is brought to our attention. You view and use all content at your own risk. We do not warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any content presented. User-submitted content expresses the views of the author, not necessarily the views of any staff at HPMODS Mods.

Anyone who feels that user-generated content uploaded to HPMODS Mods is objectionable or breaks these terms of service is encouraged to notify a member of the moderation team at HPMODS Mods immediately via the appropriate means. If you believe someone has posted any content that is against these terms of service please report the content but do not contact the offender by any means. Leave disciplinary action to the staff of HPMODS sites or you may well be punished for engaging in vigilante behaviour.

We have a strict anti-piracy policy and we take a proactive and preemptive stance on anyone who gives us reason to believe is using a pirated version of any game or software. We only support official game versions and users should not provide help to others requesting help with unofficial game versions (e.g. cracked games). If your on-site activities provide us with sufficient evidence that you are a software pirate then you will be instantly banned. If you ask for help with a cracked game then your posts or topics may be set to hidden or deleted, and persisting to ask for help with your cracked copy may result in your account being banned.

More information on our anti-piracy policy can be found on our forums.

In March of 2012 a donations system was added to HPMODS Mods that allows users to specify a Pay Pal address to accept voluntary donations through. Included in this system are two locations where users can donate to your account from; your profile and your mod pages.

Donations are classed as completely voluntary monetary transactions that yield no gain for the donator. That means that donations should only ever be offered as a way of thanking other users and never in exchange for files or updates to said files. Users are not allowed in any way, shape, or form to offer their files to other users in exchange for donations on the Nexus. If people are found in breach of this then you can expect to be banned.

We allow tactful and mild discussion of donations and links to your own external donation services provided that the above and below rules on donations are adhered to. Whether discussed on HPMODS Mods or elsewhere, you cannot:
Charge any money for your mods at any time.
Discuss or link to places where you do discuss a charge for “stretch goals” directly related to a mod once your donations reach a certain figure (e.g. “I’ll add an additional wing to my castle mod if I reach $100 in donations”). Discussion of stretch goals unrelated to the actual mods themselves is fine (e.g. “I’ll release video tutorials on how I made my mod if I reach $100 in donations”).
Please ensure you are respectful when talking about donations and do not “over do it”. An example of “over doing it” would be having a banner or blurb of text talking about donations at the top of your mod description before you’ve even described what your mod does, or regularly reminding your users in the comment section of your file pages to donate. Tactful discussion of donations would be informing your users they can donate and how to donate somewhere towards the bottom of your file description and/or in your readme file, acknowledging and thanking those users who have donated and who have explicitly agreed to having that information shared with others, a single sticky post in your file comments reminding users they can donate and responses to your users who have specifically asked you how they can donate to you.

HPMODS Mods staff will have the final say on what is and isn’t considered “tactful and mild discussion of donations” and we reserve the right to edit file descriptions and comments, or ask the mod author to change them under threat of a warning if they do not do so once requested. Once a formal warning is sent, that mod author will be refused the right to discuss donations in any way under penalty of a ban. In short, don’t over-do it.

Account creation, access to the site and termination of your user account
Certain functions of these sites are limited to registered members. In order to access them you will need to create an account. When you create a new account at HPMODS Mods you will automatically gain access to all other current and future HPMODS sites and to the forums with the same account.
By registering for an account on any HPMODS site you agree to allow the owner of HPMODS Mods to email you regarding important changes regarding HPMODS Mods. There is no opt-out for this email while remaining a member. This email will not contain SPAM or unsolicited email and will not affect the privacy of your email address. It will only ever be used in reference to HPMODS Mods and will never be passed on to 3rd parties.
Age restrictions
HPMODS sites are open to people aged 13 or older. Due to legal reasons minors under the age of 13 are not allowed to use the site and should not register an account. Similarly content marked as adult-only should only be unlocked by members aged 18 or over.

One account per person
Members are only allowed to be in possession of one account on the site. Members caught using more than one account will be regarded as attempting to exploit or circumvent features on the site and will have both their accounts banned. If you are experiencing problems with your account please contact the admins using the Contact Us links on the sites and we’ll work to resolve the issue for you.

No account sharing
You also agree to never login to another account that does not belong to you. People caught sharing their accounts will have them banned from accessing the site and every attempt will be made by the administrators of the site to make sure you cannot create a new account. You agree to never give your password out to another user of the site outside of the administrators of the site for your protection and for validity reasons.

Accounts from the same household
If more than one person from the same household wishes to create an account then please report such intentions to our moderator team to avoid potential misunderstandings. Be aware that if a member of your household receives a ban and we have enough reason to believe that the user has created or is using another account your entire household may be blocked from accessing HPMODS Mods to prevent that user from gaining access to the site.

User name and password
You have the ability, as you register, to choose a username. You should keep the name appropriate. If it contains content that we wouldn’t allow users to post (e.g. swearing, drug references, inappropriate references, etc.) then its likely your account will be closed and in cases where the staff find the username particularly offensive the account will be banned.

Account security and responsibility
Keeping your login credentials safe is your responsibility. You are entirely responsible for what happens on your account. As we do not allow the sharing of accounts with others any excuse of what your friend/cat/dog/parents/girlfriend/boyfriend has done on your account are completely invalid and will not be accepted. If you live in a house with others its your responsibility to logout of your account to prevent others gaining access to it.

User profiles
Members have the ability to customise their profiles on HPMODS sites making them more noticeable and unique. Two of the main identifiable attributes of a member profile are the avatar and signature that display with every post on the forums. HPMODS sites have strict guidelines for member avatars and signatures to help reduce page scrolling and load times, these are:

Avatars and signatures
Avatar pics must only be 65×65 pixels or less in size and the types of files that can be uploaded are GIF, JPEG, JPG and PNG. If they are animated, they can only be minor and below 30kb in size.

Signatures can only be 450w x 300h pixels or less in size. This includes both text and pictures. For text, that is about 8 lines max. The maximum file size for images is 110kb that doesn’t leave much space for animation.

Avatar and signature images shall comply with the site rules. If you are using links in your signature or on your profile page, please make sure that content featured on the linked website or webpage conforms to our requirements.

Do not add images to your avatar or signature that contain severe animation that can be distracting and annoying. Judgement of what is classed as severe animation is at our sole discretion, but use your common sense on the matter.

Personal information
Your user profile page allows you to disclose various details about yourself, including contact information, your favourite pastime, your computer configuration and so on. You should keep in mind that divulging information that affects your privacy such as your real name, email address, etc. and/or makes it possible to find out your real-life identity is not safe as these details may be harvested by people with malicious intent. We reserve the right to remove any links or entries from your profile page that we consider objectionable/conflicting with these rules.

Account closure/termination
If you do not intend to use your HPMODS Mods account any longer or you have other compelling reasons to have your account closed then you can request HPMODS staff to block your access to your account in a dedicated thread (Account Closure Requests) on our forums. Due to certain considerations we do not delete accounts so this action will take the form of a special type of ban. When we close accounts your email address is scrubbed from our database to ensure your privacy.

You should also note that if you repeatedly request the closing and re-opening of your account then, depending on the circumstances and subject to the judgment of the staff, it may be regarded as an abuse of the account closure request feature and your account may be terminated permanently.

Commenting and forum posting rules

Do not spam (and no post-count padding)
Spam means
Posting one liners. Replying to a thread and just saying something like “hey!” “yeah!” “lol” “I agree” “no” etc..
Posting the same thread/post repeatedly in order to gain attention.
Posting something completely off-topic (OT) that has nothing to do with the thread.
Do not bump topics
Bumping is posting in a thread to simply “bump” it back to the top of the forum listings with no additional or useful content. An exception to this rule is topics about technical issues: in such cases the original poster is permitted to refresh the topic once after a few days have passed without any comments from other HPMODS members.

No trolling
Trolling is deliberately attempting to goad people into a “flame war” by posting disparaging remarks or comments that you know will incite a negative or nasty response. See the definition at the bottom of these terms of service for a more detailed description of trolling

Do not flame or flame-bait others
Do not post personally or generally insulting remarks towards someone else, or a group of people (examples include calling someone an “idiot” for having views different to your own or being particularly demeaning to someone who is younger than yourself).

Do not necro old topics
Do not revive a “dead thread” (a thread that has had no new posts in it for more than a month) with something that has no relevance to it. For example do not post “hey cool” (see SPAM) or “that was really helpful, thanks”.

Please look at the date of the last post in a thread before posting something that lacks any real substance. If it was a month or more ago you can assume that this thread is dead, and unless you have something constructive to add that will continue the discussion, don’t bother. If the topic is about a technical issue and it is more than a month old, chances are the original poster has already resolved the issue and moved on.

Do not hijack threads
Do not post something unrelated to the topic in order to gain attention for your post or simply to steer people off the main topic.

No bad advertising
Do not post links to a site you own or are a part of without a decent amount of information supplied with it. If you are new to the forums and begin by posting links to your own forums asking others to join your post(s) will more than likely be removed. Do not post links to/advertise a third-party site that is unrelated to the mission of Nexus, or is engaged in selling products or offering services of a dubious nature, or hosts or provides access to illegal content.

Do not attempt to circumvent the word filter
When words in your post are replaced by * (asterisk) characters, you typed something or attempted to post a link that is considered inappropriate on Nexus. If such filtering occurs, do not try to circumvent it by spelling those words incorrectly or by breaking up the link into parts that will not trigger filtering, or by posting hints how to use Google to find that site.

Do not be a vigilante
Being a vigilante means performing a moderator’s job or impersonating a moderator by telling someone they have done something wrong or against the rules. There is a “Report” button underneath each and every post on these forums — if you believe someone has broken the rules please use this feature and a moderator will be there to sort it out pretty quickly. It is not your job to tell others what they can and cannot do on these forums.

No profanity
it is entirely feasible to convey your meaning without the use of expletives so when you are posting comments on HPMODS you are required to refrain from using such words.

No grammar correcting
HPMODS members hail from all walks of life and from different countries around the world so nitpicking on other users less than perfect grammar or spelling is not welcome.

File and image database commenting and endorsements
All the rules applicable to forum comments are also applicable to file and image commenting. However, there are additional rules that govern file and image comments, and breaking the file or image commenting rules will draw a more severe response from the staff.

The commenting and endorsement system is available on HPMODS sites to provide users with:

an interface to offer positive feedback on the functionality of the file in question based on the authors initial intentions
the ability to offer constructive criticism on aspects of the file that could be improved
the chance to ask for feature requests and discuss such requests with other users of the site or the author
the ability to ask for help in troubleshooting problems with the file in question
If your comment does not fit in to the above criteria then do not post. If you disagree with the content of a file on the site then do not post (i.e. do not criticise the file on the basis of your personal likes/dislikes). Simply ignore the file and move on. Do not disparage other mods or other genres of mods in a different mods comment topic. Do not attempt to circumvent the above rules by sugar-coating your disapproval of a mod: if you will not use a mod then refrain from commenting on it.

If you believe the content of the file breaches HPMODS terms and conditions then please report the file for moderator viewing and move on, do not take matters into your own hands.

If your comment contains text that is likely to personally offend other users of the site either in the language you use or the message of your text then do not post. We take personal attacks very seriously and you will be banned without warning.

If you believe that someone elses post does not fit into these criteria then you are encouraged to report the comment in question for moderator review. Above all do not post in reply to the offending comment however good intentioned your post might be, even if you are the author of the file in question. This is known as feeding the trolls and forum vigilantism and is frowned upon by the moderator staff. You may well end up with a suspension from the site if you partake in this activity.

This site has extremely dedicated moderating staff who have full authority to edit and delete posts as well as ban accounts instantly and without warning. However the moderating staff cannot possibly read and keep up-to-date with every single comment, rating and file posted on the site. It is up to you, the users of this site, to help keep this site clear of the people who just want to ruin it for everybody by reporting violations of these conditions to the moderators, either through the provided reporting features on the site or via forum PM to the moderating staff. (See How to report content (comments, mods, etc.) that violates the Terms of Service below.)

Rules of adding/uploading/sharing content

User-generated content and the rights to removal
HPMODS Mods staff have the right to remove any content at any time without warning or reason.

HPMODS Mods does not claim ownership of the content you provide to HPMODS or post, upload, input or submit on any HPMODS site or its associated services for review by the general public, or by the members of any public or private community. However, by posting, uploading, inputting, providing or submitting (“Posting”) content on HPMODS you are granting HPMODS a non-exclusive, world-wide, royalty-free license to: copy, distribute, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, reproduce, edit, translate and reformat your content and to publish your username in connection with your content at our discretion until such time as you manually remove the content yourself using the pre-provided tools or until such time that you send a request to the owners of the site for the content be removed. Removal of content is a manual process, however, so please realise that we may not be able to remove or edit content immediately. You remain solely responsible for the content you upload to HPMODS Mods and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless this site, and any related websites. We reserve the right to reveal your identity (or any information we have about you) to authorities in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any information posted by you, and any information sent either private or public can be made available to any admins, staff or enforcement agencies at any time.

You only retain the rights to files you have uploaded to a HPMODS site. You do not own the rights to files or content not posted by yourself that might have been created as a result of your content being available on any HPMODS site, including, but not limited to, ratings, comments, images created by other users, articles in regards to your content and any statistical information in regards to your content.

Any permission you granted to other HPMODS Mods users and any prohibitions you specified with regard to your uploaded mod(s) will remain effective even if you cease to use HPMODS for an extended period of time or if your account is terminated for any reason. If your account is terminated by HPMODS staff you will have a one-time opportunity to decide how your uploaded content should be handled: you can either permit HPMODS Mods to continue to host it or you can request the removal of your content either in whole or in part. By default, we do not remove a banned members uploaded content unless such content violates our terms of service. However, any content uploaded or submitted by previously banned members who try to circumvent the ban will be removed.

Uploading files and images
The primary role of HPMODS sites is to provide a platform for members to share their content with other members of the site via the file and image databases respectfully. Content uploaded to HPMODS Mods are not immediately moderated by members of staff and are instantly available for download once the member agrees to publish the content on the site. While such a system is open to exploitation the moderation staff are extremely astute and remove rule breaching content in very acceptable times. We do however rely on members of this site to help us in moderating content uploaded to HPMODS sites by reporting any content the user deems to be in breach of the file sharing rules. People exploiting the open nature of HPMODS sites will be banned without warning and with extreme prejudice and every attempt will be made to insure that person is not able to use the site again and, if necessary, reported to the relevant authorities for further action.

HPMODS sites have quite a liberal content policy on what files are acceptable on the site but there are still rules all uploaders must adhere to. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in the file being removed from the site, the uploader’s account being banned and if necessary all the details of the uploader being passed on to relevant authorities:
Absolutely no copyrighted work is to be used without permission of the original creator. This includes content from other games, from DLCs, music creators or from other file authors. This also includes members from countries that do not recognise copyright laws.
All files uploaded must have been created by the uploader or used with permission from the original author of the content. Such permission must be indicated in the Readme text attached to the file and/or on the Description page (or in the Description field for images), and must be obtained in advance, before uploading the file. If you cannot provide proof of consent then your file will be removed and your account is likely to be banned.
Always provide appropriate credit to authors who have given you permission to use their content in your files both within the file description and within your file readme, even if said content was published as free to use.
Any files that contain sexual images or reference of sexual acts with minors (people under the age of 18 or people who look under the age of 18) and animals, incite racial or religious hatred or are generally designed to spark a negative reaction in certain demographics beyond what is accepted within the UK/US media will be removed and accounts banned. To further clarify: what would be acceptable within the film and video game industry in the UK/US is generally acceptable on HPMODS sites, however there may be exceptions, taking into account the multi-cultural character of the modding scene, as long as such exceptions are within legally permissible boundaries.
Insure that any content that would typically be awarded a 15 certificate or higher in the US/UK film and video game industry is properly labelled with the Adult-only option when uploading files and images. Continued failure to adhere to this rule will result in your account being banned.
If your mod is not tagged as Adult then you may not use adult imagery or content either in your mod Description or in the Images section of your mod page, and you may not accept such images uploaded by users. If you intend to accept such images or use such content on your mod description page then you must re-tag your mod as Adult.
Do not upload files that contain viruses, malware, spyware, adware or any software or code that would compromise the integrity of a system or the users game.
Do not upload files that are knowingly broken and known to prevent the majority of members games from working properly.
Do not upload files that are password protected or contain password protected sections.
Do not upload compilations of other users work irrespective of whether the authors of the work you would like to compile together have agreed to your using their work in your compilation. For example: no “my favourite mods” lists or “best weapon” compilations.
Do not upload files that are only meant to be downloaded by a friend or a limited group of users: please use a third-party file hoster for such purpose.
If you are providing a translation service for a mod in another language then you cannot upload any of the content from the file you are translating (this avoids issues with your version being out-of-date with the original authors file). Your translation should be a stand-alone addition that works in conjunction with the original file and you should link to the original file as a mirror or in your file description. If you cannot translate a file without including the original files content then do not upload it at all.
Do not create file pages to advertise or showcase other work. File pages should be for downloadable files that users can actually make use of.
Insure you upload a file for your file entry as soon as possible. Do not create “placemarkers” or “Work-in-progress” pages for files that are incomplete or you havent even created yet. If uploading a file will take a long time or youre not ready yet then keep your file set to Hidden until you are ready. Do not deliberately create a file page without uploading any files just to generate hype or interest in your work; it will get you banned (uploading a text document with your ideas will not get around this issue). Do not upload help me with this mod files: such content should be hosted on a third-party download site (e.g. mediafire) and the help request should be posted on the forums in the appropriate section.
If you are collaborating with one or more other users to create a file then insure you keep a record of all discussions related to permissions of use and distribution, as well as how and where to credit all involved. Lay out a set list of criteria or even a contract among yourselves to avoid potential problems in the future.
If you give your permission to another author for them to use your work within their own modifications then, pending a breach of whatever terms you decided, you cannot take back that permission once the other author’s file has been released. Once again; always document your conversations with other authors regarding permissions, preferably via private message on HPMODS forums just in case.
If you make things particularly and unnecessarily hard for HPMODS staff we may just decide to remove any/all your files and be done with you.
Do not deliberately name your file entry so it is the first file in a category list sorted alphabetically (for example; by calling your “My House” mod “AAA My House”. We will either delete your entry or rename your file to “ZZZ My House” depending on how we feel. Continued breaches will get you banned.
When uploading images for files make sure they are relevant to the mod, don’t mislead people and insure no adult-only images are uploaded if your file is not an adult-only file.
Do not ever ask for donations. While we permit file authors to receive Donations, we do not allow users to actively solicit financial contributions of any kind. See the Donations section for our donation policies.
Do not solicit services from other HPMODS members in exchange for monetary compensation or promise of such compensation in connection with content that falls within the scope of a game publishers EULA. For example, this means that you may not recruit modders with the promise of monetary compensation to create a custom .ESP file for you or alter game content that is subject to Bethesdas EULA governing the use of their assets and the Creation Kit.
Do not upload files that require users to pay any sort of financial sum for parts or all of your file. You cannot charge money for the files you upload to HPMODS sites.
Do not solicit (ask for) ratings, endorsements or file of the month votes either for your own mods or for mods created by other HPMODS members within your file/image description.
HPMODS staff reserve the right to edit details relating to your file (but not the uploaded files themselves) or remove it completely without warning or reason at their own discretion.
If your file contains graphic scenes including but not limited to sex, masturbation, rape, torture and extreme fetishes then you increase your chances of HPMODS staff removing your content at their own discretion and without warning.
If you see a file that breaches these rules it does not mean that file has been allowed to remain by HPMODS staff and that all files of similar content are tolerated. HPMODS staff might not have seen the file so report the file if you are unsure.

These rules are open to interpretation by moderators of the site and they can and will remove any content they deem to be inappropriate for HPMODS sites. We retain the right to remove or edit details of any file at any time for any reason without warning.

Image Share terms and rules
The public image share section is dedicated to sharing screenshots taken in the game featured on the file site that hosts the images, or other images related to that game (e.g. concept drawings of mods being worked on, artistic drawings, etc.).

No unrelated content, no political content, no religious content
The Image Share is not the place to share portraits, family photos, pet images or any other images not related to the featured game. Do not upload images that convey messages related to real world politics or real world religions or include symbols normally associated with active or defunct political parties, religions or movements, in such a way that the image can be interpreted as an attempt to promote their agenda.

No photos of real persons as part of a composition
Unless you have permission or you can prove that it is in the public domain images featuring pictures of living or deceased persons as part of the composition should not be uploaded (e.g. a deck of playing cards with celebrity images).

No nudity
Images showing nudity are absolutely prohibited in the normal image share. This rule is applicable to images showing full frontal/rear nudity and partial nudity (uncovered breasts, genitals, buttocks), pictures showing characters wearing extremely revealing outfits (transparent, semi-transparent dresses, string bikinis, micro-bikinis, clothes that leave sensitive areas or pubic hair visible). Rear-view images of topless female characters are tolerated as long as they are tagged as adult and the pose does not expose a full or partial side view of the breasts. Using patches/pasties/butterflies to cover up non-permissible body parts or images showing characters using their hands to cover up otherwise naked body parts are also not acceptable. Environmental objects (e.g. shrubberies) can be used as long as the ‘sensitive’ areas are sufficiently covered (the same as the cover a standard bikini would offer).

Non-human/beast races that normally wear clothes or are assumed to wear clothes in the in-game world are considered nude if they are not dressed in the uploaded image the same way that a human would be considered nude or inadequately dressed.

To better describe our idea of what images are acceptable in our public Image Share sections (on all HPMODS sites) we have created a mock-up of a humanoid body with clearly defined acceptable and unacceptable skin exposure boundaries that can be found here.

No suggestive content
Images that suggest sexual activity (not including kissing) are not permitted even if the characters are fully clothed or if they are posed in such a way that the ‘action’ takes place outside the field of view but the sexual activity is clearly discernible.

No extreme content
Although it is covered implicitly by the prohibition of sexually suggestive images, for the sake of clarity, content that portrays extreme violence or sexual fetishes, even if no nudity is shown (including, among other things, bondage, whipping and other extreme fetishes) is also forbidden in the normal image share.

Supporters’ Image Share
If you would like to share images that are forbidden from being uploaded to the normal Image Share with other HPMODS members you will need to upload your images to the Supporters Image Share section. This section has more relaxed rules, especially in regards to nudity. In order to access the Supporters Image Share section you will need to either be a Supporter or Premium Member.

Mature content other than nudity
Images showing gore, extreme violence, skimpy outfits and any other subjects that would be frowned upon in a conservative working environment or on a family friendly beach should be tagged as Adult. You should note that tagging an image as Adult does not exempt you from the no-nudity rule on Nexus, the term adult means: content, other than nudity, that is not safe for work/not safe for minors.

No illegal content
Images showing copyrighted content, content owned by other persons/entities and obtained/produced without their permission or content that is considered illegal according to the laws of the United Kingdom (e.g. images featuring pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, etc.) should not be uploaded either to public Image Share or Supporters’ Image Share.

Please share your own work! Do not take other peoples creations and parade them as your own. It is not only unfair, but a bannable offense. We take stealing content from others seriously. You have been warned.

Images showing private mods and mods from other sites
As a rule of thumb images showing content from mods not hosted on a HPMODS site, including unreleased private mods or mods obtained from sites other than Nexus, that would not be permissible on HPMODS file servers may not be uploaded to public and supporters’ image share. If you create a private mod for your own enjoyment using content from other modders without permission then do not upload images of that mod. Simply put; if any mods shown in your image could not be hosted on HPMODS because of our rules then do not upload the image to our Image Share.

Links and images embedded into image descriptions
Content embedded into or linked in the image descriptions should also comply with the above rules. Please note that if you have a personal gallery on an image hosting site (Flickr, Imageshack, Photobucket, Imgur, etc.) you may only embed links to it into image descriptions if the images on your gallery comply with our Image Share rules. This means that if you have an adult oriented image gallery you may only hotlink to individual images (i.e. the embedded image should not work as a clickable link to your external gallery).

You are allowed adult content galleries on other sites you just arent allowed to link to them in the Image Share section.

As well as not linking to adult content or files you may not link to sites or files where you can download files that do not adhere to copyright laws. Examples include sites that include files with rips from other games and stolen work from other mod authors without the authors permission. Ignorance is not an excuse. Before you link to a site YOU should ensure that it is safe to link to. A simple search of the site should tell you very quickly whether its acceptable or not. You may link to individual pages that do not contain nudity, even if some other parts of the site youre linking to contain nudity, so long as the page itself thats being linked contains NO nudity.

Image comments
Comments posted on images are considered file comments and fall under the same strict rules that are applicable to comments made on other uploaded files. There is no excuse for posting disparaging or insulting remarks. Violations will be handled according to the file commenting rules posted in the Terms of Service.

Retrospective moderation
Our Image Share section has been running for many years and as such there are hundreds of thousands of images available across the various HPMODS sites. When we update our rules we do not go back through the archives and retrospectively moderate old images based on our new rules. As such there will be plenty of old images in our database that do not adhere to our new rules. Their existence is not an excuse to upload images that are similar in nature.

Judgement of acceptable content
There is no plausible way to write a set of rules that cannot be interpreted in different ways by different people. In all cases of moderation it is the moderators judgement that is the only important factor and the moderator’s decision is always final. As a rule of thumb, if there is any doubt in your mind that your image might be found objectionable (if you have to ask yourself will this be allowed? and can this image be interpreted differently? or might this get me in trouble?) then it probably will be. If you skate the edges of what is and isn’t acceptable (e.g. by uploading pictures of scantily clad men or women) then its very possible your images might be interpreted differently by a moderator to how you intend and much more possible that action will be taken against you. As a result you only have yourself to blame. The final judgement falls squarely in the moderators opinion and if youre concerned that an image you would like to upload might get you in trouble then your choices are very simple: upload the image and accept whatever decision a moderator makes on the matter or, preferably, just dont upload the image.

File removal, reports, complaints and feedback

Complaints against actions or staff
If you make yourself a nuisance to the staff its very likely you’ll be forcibly removed from the site. The moderation team have a right to do their job without being questioned at every corner and being told theyre doing their job wrong. If you complain publicly about moderator actions without due course (e.g. because your opinion of what is or isn’t acceptable is not inline with our opinion of what is and isn’t acceptable) its likely you’ll either be warned or banned depending on the manner of your complaint.

In cases where you believe a wrong decision has been made you should use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the forums to submit a report to the site owner. You must include as much evidence as possible in your report along with any original evidence, unedited. If you edit any content that has been removed from the site to make your position more favourable then you’ll be banned on the spot. We regularly retain removed files, images and comments for evidence and we will know if you’ve changed anything.

In cases where you believe you have been mistreated by staff you should use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the forums and submit a report to the site owner. You must include all logs of your conversation(s) with the member of staff, unedited (e.g. dont just pick and choose lines you feel were unfair, include ALL communication). Editing the logs or sugar picking select quotes instead of providing the entire log of the conversation will result in severe action.

Removal of content
The staff reserves the right to remove, with or without notice, any content at any time. If a violation of theses terms and service and rules has occurred based on the judgement of the moderation staff (and only the judgement of the moderation staff, not your own) action can be taken against the uploader in the form of an informal warning, formal warning or a ban when warranted.

The “others are doing it” excuse
A long running rule of thumb on HPMODS sites is that the ‘this user has done it so why can’t I?’ excuse is NOT an acceptable excuse. Our moderation relies on users of this site to report content that is not acceptable so we can take action accordingly. We do not individually review every file or image that is uploaded to our servers. As such if content breaks our rules and we don’t see it and no one reports that content then that content shall remain in our database until such time as we do see it and take appropriate action. Therefore if you see content that you think has broken our rules that does NOT mean we have endorsed that content and think it is acceptable. It does NOT mean you can upload similar content. We moderate content based on what is contained only within your file or image and your file or image alone. We do not take into account what other people have uploaded. If you get caught driving 90 miles an hour in a 70 miles an hour zone you cannot argue that you saw others driving at 90 and that you should receive no punishment because of this. We moderate based on the same principle.

How to report content (comments, files, etc.) that violates the Terms of Service
Our moderation of HPMODS Mods relies heavily on members of this community being aware of our rules and reporting suspicious content to the moderation team. When you encounter something that, in your opinion, breaks the rules you can report it via the Report function.

On mod pages a Report button is located below the mini-gallery of three mod images, while in the Image Library on the single image pages the grey Report button is visible below the number of endorsements, and slightly to right. Pressing this button will call up the Report form where you need to select a category, and enter an explanation as to why you are reporting the content in question.

While in general reports from users are welcome, there are a few simple rules to follow when you use the Report form.
Be as specific as you can. If you submit vague reports (e.g. I believe this armor is ripped content, Stolen file) then you are wasting the staffs time, and your report will be ignored. It is best that you back up your report with evidence (links, etc.).
Do not submit multiple reports about the same content. If the staff does not take action in response to your report, but you still believe that an action is warranted on the basis of these rules then you may submit another report after a couple of days. Spamming reports will lead nowhere, and may even earn you a warning.
Do not submit reports about defects of a mod. Bugs, defects and features that do not work as intended should be reported to the file author in the associated file comment topic.
Do not report content that should not be hosted on HPMODS in your opinion. If the Terms of Service does not forbid the content in question then you are only wasting the staffs time with such reports.
Do not submit empty reports.
Finally, do not take matters into your own hands. Even if you are personally affected, do not respond to offensive comments.

Our staff and our disciplinary system

HPMODS site staff
HPMODS Mods is owned and maintained by TheElementOfLife (member name “Dark0ne”). TheElementOfLife is regarded as the law on HPMODS sites and he has the final say on any action that might need to be taken regarding a breach of the terms of service for any HPMODS site. What TheElementOfLife says goes irrespective of whether there has been a breach of the terms of service or not.

HPMODS sites and the forums are staffed by unpaid volunteers (known as moderators and “staff”) who work hard to ensure the smooth operation of HPMODS sites and encourage a healthy community. The moderators and other admin on the site have been given specific privileges by TheElementOfLife to keep the site clean of the bad articles listed in these terms and use their own personal judgement, that TheElementOfLife trusts, to come to decisions.

These moderators have a right to carry out their task without harassment, insult or hassle. Members who believe that a member of staff is not conducting themselves properly should get in contact with TheElementOfLife via the forums or email. Know that if TheElementOfLife receives word of any members harassing or being rude to HPMODS site staff then he will take every action possible to permanently remove them from his sites.

Our warning system
HPMODS staff may issue informal and formal warnings to users who break our terms of service and rules. However in cases where a severe breach of our rules has occurred users may be banned irrespective of whether the user has previously been warned. To clarify; moderators are not required to warn a user before they are banned. Such cases where instant bans can be handed out include piracy, profanity laden personal insults, threats of real-world violence, intentional violation of copyright laws/mod authors right to control the use and distribution of their mods. Informal warnings may be handed out for minor infractions or in cases where it is clear that a rule was misunderstood.

If you receive a warning and you do not agree with it then you may contact the moderator who issued the warning to you in a private message. Please note, however, that if you are disrespectful and/or do not resort to pointing out why, in your interpretation of HPMODS rules, the warning was not warranted then you may receive an additional warning or restrictions that may have been imposed on your account as part of the warning may be extended for wasting the staffs time. Remember: infractions are handed out on the basis of these rules, and challenging the rules themselves will lead nowhere.

As described in the previous section, the final forum for appeal is the site owner himself (TheElementOfLife aka Dark0ne).

These terms and conditions fully apply to all members including mod authors, premium members and supporter members. Should a premium member get banned they may request a refund by contacting the site owner.

Public records of moderator actions
All formal warnings and bans are recorded on our forums. We believe by publicising the warnings and bans we hand out we are completely transparent to our user base about what we’re warning and banning people for. We endeavour to ensure that the information we provide gives a clear reason as to why the individual has been warned or banned from using the site so that users can learn from previous mistakes as well as to enlighten other users why certain users have been banned. We do not want to have to deal with users regularly contacting us asking why a specific user has been banned. Similarly by publicising the bans we hand out we are able to counteract the lies and slander that may occur in other communities when a disgruntled banned member tries to bad mouth HPMODS Mods by lying about why they have been banned.

By using HPMODS Mods you understand and agree to having details surrounding any disciplinary action you are given being made public knowledge and you understand that you have no rights for removal of said publication.

Unban appeals
Banned members may appeal their ban by using the unban appeal form. You should note, however, that the processing of the unban appeal may take some time as at least three members of the staff need to vote for either reinstatement or upholding the ban before the final verdict is delivered. It can take anywhere from hours to days. Unban appeals from banned members who decide not to wait for the verdict and create a new account will be automatically rejected without any further options to appeal, and the staff will make every effort to ensure that they are blocked from using HPMODS permanently.